Ash-Sheikh A C Agar Mohamed

SHRADDHA,   loosely translated as Piety connotes many meanings. A near equivalent to Shraddha in Islam may be termed as Thaqwa in Arabic terminology. One can wonder whether a mundane affair like photography has anything to do with piety.

There is a stand in Islam – namely when it comes to treat the varying groups of human beings Islam is emphatic in asserting that all human beings are equal, but the one who is high in degree with God is the one who is high in Thaqwa loosely translated as piety that has to permeate in his or her intentions and actions. So naturally if one wants to reach a high position in the eyes of God he has to manifest Piety in his whole life.

It is also an un deniable fact that all religions in some form or the other promote and give utmost place for Shraddha. In the current turbulent atmosphere of animosity and hatredness that prevails even amongst the so called religionists a valiant attempt is made by relevant stakeholders towards promoting love, kindness and benevolence etc among individual, communities and segments. Several state and no-state attempts are made towards national integration in Sri Lanka and this national integration initiative through National and Religious Reconciliation by the medium of Photography will also play a substantial role.

Photography competition and exhibition that are planned in this platform is a good opportunity to promote value-based photography. Since vulgar and obscene pictures have engulfed the daily newspapers and TV, some of those who prefer morally uplifted environment shun the media as a whole.  This total negation too is not healthy since the space can be further polluted without a hindrance. Also, mere indulgence  on photography and frivolous pictures and video in the name of pastime photography will not serve any purpose. But, even simple, calm, serene and devout moments depicted in pictures and photos always instill goodness in one’s mind and negates nefarious intentions. Religiosity add high value to any mundane affair, the photography is no exception. Hence the theme “Photographic entry for the National Integration through National and Religious Reconciliation” very well fits the day. I wish all the success of the initiative.


– Ash-Sheikh A C Agar Mohamed (naleemi)
Duputy President -All Ceylon (Jamiyyathul Ulama)
(Council of Muslim Theologians)
Deputy director- Jamiah Naleemiah