Rev. Fr. Edmund Tilakaratne

SHRADDHA” is the essence of all religions has non-materialistic force or a well being which has arisen from the cultural frame of particular religious for a man to observe.

In Christianity “Shraddha” is analyzed “Faith”, in Buddhism ”Shraddaha” is the concept of understanding whereas Hinduism is “Bhakthi” or Devotion. Sri Lanka is a multi-religious nation where “SHRADDHA” is the common Factor.

By pinpointing the common features of all religions, people observing deferent religions could be made to have a common bond among them.

The man realized that a special force or existence could arise when man differentiates is existence from other beings. This bond arose as a result of deferent inborn cultural practices among people. As a result of this, the society is directed towards diverse spiritual systems and different religions have arisen. Accordingly, I believe that “Shraddha” is a concept bound beyond different activities of religions and in borndilects and or Languages.

Irrespective of religion, those involved in photography should use their abilities to bring out deeply that religious beliefs and exercises lead to show the maturity of the man in relation to “Shraddha” and “Faith”.

– Rev. Fr. Edmund Tilakaratne
The Director of the Archdiocesan Social,
Cultural and Communication Center