Dr Praneeth Abeysundara

We have learnt that “Shraddha” is a Sanskrit word. ‘Saddha” is a Pali word and “Sadehi” is Sinhala (Hela) word. During sermons, Venerable Bhikkus (Monks) address us “As Intelligent Sadahatha Dayakas or laymen. As long as we have a deep understanding of Buddhism, of Buddhism, we consider “Sharddha” and “Bhakthi” to mean the same. But the two terms/words have some what a remarkable difference. We are not aware of it.

During our childhood we considered a person with “SHRADDHA” as one with disciplined, with one with soft and good thoughts, words, not excited, not acting with anger or hate and one with soft and good behavior. We as Buddhist have an unwavering belief in load Buddha.

A person with universal kindness and behaves/ accordingly is one with a disciplined mind. He is one not concerned about caste, creed, upcountry/low country, male or female. But a friendly person who loves man and even animals, one who wished to develop his mind further, a spiritually bent towards “Pragna” such a person is always someone who does good to all in the world.

According to the “Sankiththadana Suthra” of anguttara nikaya, shaththka nipatha, dhanna warga there are seven “Arya Dhana”. namely: Saddha, Seela, Hiri Othappa, Sutha, Chaga, Pagna and Wealth.

According to this Suthra a man or woman with these “Aryadana” will never become poor and the life will never be “EMPTY”. He who acceptance of Buddha, Dhamma, Snagha and karma pala( Effect of karma) with understanding is “Sraddha”. Such a person has “Shraddha Dana” or “Shraddha wealth”.

-Dr Praneeth Abeysundara

Senior Lecturer
Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura